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Combined with over 30 years' experience in Uniform Yachts, this proximity and expertise enable us to provide you with a unique service, 100% MADE in France production, and guarantee all the necessary responsiveness, quality, design and cost control.


Prestige Yacht Wear

Designed and crafted in France for SuperYachts



a unique synthesis of more than 30 years experience in Yacht-Wear, to offer to the world’s-finest Yachts: The finest technical fabrics in the world, that are both 100% environmentally friendly and eco-conscious. A wide range of functional and extremely comfortable smart products with modern and unique timeless designs.

U n l i m i t e d  c r e a t i v e  a n d  c u s t o m i s a t i o n possibilities, with our in-house design p r o t o t y p i n g  t e a m  a n d  w i d e  f a b r i c s  a n d glamorous colors range.

With our own productions facilities in France, we guarantee to always deliver.

A unique project - Tailored solutions

Yacht Uniforms


Fashion Design - to create unique collections and/or modify existing collections


Research & Development of fabrics and materials (special fabrics and colours)


Technical assistance, Prototyping, Pattern making, Gradation, 


Adjustments on live models to make all your collections perfect.


Production of small series, speed, proximity.



6 Avenue de Verdun, 06600 Antibes

Prestige Yacht Wear


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